Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Capitalist Dogs Convene (From a Communist Perspective)

Briesk---In the belly of the Capitalist Whale, the Morovian Royal Assembly convened to continue their war on the proletariat.

The Assemblyperson Robert McMonigal (Capitalist Dog) renominated Steven Foong for the Post of People's Represenative, where he shall continue to serve the interest of the large corporations. Meanwhile, Sir Adam Graham (Fascist Pig) was nominated for Speaker. Both are expected to be elected by the conspiracy of Bourgeous interests that reign in Morovia.

Meanwhile His Majesty King Vincent III told the Assembly to work on retaining its citizens. Perhaps, if all industries were nationalized, then the hungry poor would rise up and vote and take part in the nation. Instead Christian Mosquitos drink the blood of the populace.

Perhaps, the Royal Assembly shall heed the advice of its king, nationalize all industries, abolish organized religion, grant everyone the right to a job, provide free health care and drugs to all so that Morovia can retain citizens. If not, then the Imperialist Serpents, shall continue to take a bite out fof Morovia.

-Comrade Dave Galloway


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I'm more of a cat, actually...

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