Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Illuminati Convenes in Briesk (Right-wing Conspiracy Nut Perspective)

(Briesk)-The Royal Assmebly of Morovia convened to plot the establishment of a one world government.

Speaker Bill Bekkenhuis, a noted Atheist, Trilateralist and Professional Kickboxer (it'll come together later) convened the Royal Assembly. He unexpectedly ended his reign as Speaker, because he wanted to do "other things". We know right off that no one ever wants to do "OTHER THINGS". The truth is that Bekkenhuis is under orders from International Karate Sports Commissioner Robert Mason. (Please note this picture is not of Mason, but I found it on his website and think it looks cool). 

Mason received his orders from HILLARY CLINTON. Why would HILLARY CLINTON care what Morovia does. She doesn't. But the Alien Central Command Synod headed by Carrot Top, Dennis Rodman, and Michael Jackson do.  They want him out of the Assembly so they can slay their opponent in his upcoming Kickboxing match in Las Vegas. The man he challenges is but a lad of 19, but will someday expose the lies of the Illumanti, but not if Bekkenhuis gets to him first.

Bekkenhuis knows he must train for his kickboxing match of doom for his goal is not just victory, but assassination of America's only hope (Note: We have still not found which boxer it is, but we WILL keep you posted).

Some may say that the efforts at ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT will be thwarted by the presence of "Conservatives" Adam Graham and Chris McQueeny. You might have hope if they WEREN'T part of the new Illumanati in the Church of Christ of Hanover.

Outwardly, the Church of Christ is about Christianity, but it is another tool of THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Consider, the following odd practices of the Church:

1) Just like the Aliens (both in this case and on Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict and of the Top-Jackson-Rodman trifecto), they have a synod. COINCIDENCE? Maybe.

2) They call Bishops, "Your Grace" like the Television shows "GRACE Under Fire" or "Will and GRACE" both shows used by the Hollywood left to forward THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

3) Recently McQueeny referred to Graham as "FATHER GRAHAM". Do you know how young McQueeny is if Graham's his father, he couldn't be more than 6 year's old. But his vocabularly is much more advanced than the average six year old. Only with the powers of the "ALIEN SYNOD" could he have advanced so far.

Wake up Morovia, you must cure yourself of the spell of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Here's how you can do it:

1) Place a tin foil helmut on your head. This will stop the influences of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

2) Shout out loud the first names of the expected Speaker and People's Represenative backwards six times, "Mada, Evets".

3) Vote for no one in the election for anyone who runs for office is part of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Instead, send me 400 morovs for your very own NEW WORLD ORDER SURVIVAL kit at:

Steve Dagen
PO Box G85943

-Submitted by Steve Dagen


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