Friday, July 23, 2004

Graham Elected-Hey, That's a Nice Tree Over There (From the Hyperactive Perspective)

Sir Bishop Adam Graham (CP)was elected speaker of the Royal Assembly by unanimous consent. That means no one ran against him.

That means the story is BORING! I mean nobody cares if there wasn't a controversy.

Maybe, I could make something up. Once upon a time, there was a great big platinum dragon. Oh wait, I'm going to give you Kill the Monster people a HUGE headache aren't I> You don't like that. Why don't you kill a real dragon instead of picking on small bits of data?

I mean come on, anyway. Speaker Graham said they were going to conisider changing the rules. Oh great, I bet we'll all be glued to that.

Why don't they make the rules more fun. How about you choose the Speaker, by playing Duck, Duck, Goose. Yeah, the last speaker should have had Adam Graham chase him around until he caught him to be the Speaker, or they could do Survivor. That's so cool! I love Survivor, the people on there are so cute. I wish I could be on Survivor. I mean, wow, I could win a Million dollars, but I don't like eating bugs.

Speaker Graham called the Assembly to vote on the People's Represenative election of Steven Foong. I got a question about that. If he's the People's Represenative, we'll he represent me in Court? Or will he be my agent if I go off to Hollywood. If so, does he expect me to give him 20% of my income just for being elected. Agents will you rip off, but when you're in Hollywood you have so much money, you don't care. You're like Scrooge McDuck swimming through his big pile of money. Hey, which one of his nephews did you like more? I liked Louie, or was it Dewey? Anyway, they were cool. I wish my uncle had a Billion dollars, then I could borrow a couple bucks for an Ice Cream. I like vanilla ice cream, but I don't like Vanilla Ice for some reason.

Editor's Note: Please sum up.

Well, the Speaker says there'll be more business next week and I have a sense he means business just like the Donald. I want to be the Darlene someday. I mean, it'll be like there's thousands of Darlenes, but I am the Darlene. Um, well I guess that's it.

--Darlene McGuire


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