Sunday, August 01, 2004

Legicenter (From the Sportscaster's Perspective)

Legicenter Transcript

Announcer: Now, live from Briesk is Legicenter with Danielle Patricia.

Patricia: Hi, I’m Danielle Patricia and joining me today is Jack Kone. Now to our top story today. Adam Graham was the Speaker of Morovia’s Assembly during its golden age, the PRP has had less opposition than the Yankees did for highest salary in baseball, and now they’re getting used to each other.

Patricia: First up, were a series of rule changes, in the first rule change.

Video of Hon. Rob. McMonigal: “Think this is a good idea, and we should move quickly to finish deliberation and take it to a vote.”

Patricia (voice-over): Gat it! Graham appears to have gotten passage of his first change.

Patricia: Then there was another rule change and nuthin’s happened.

(Cut to Graham sitting in the Chair waiting for response to rule change.)

Patricia (voice-over): No soup for you.

Patricia: Then there was a third change and Rob McMonigal objected with Graham making some amendments to his proposal, but no response so far from McMonigal leaving this rule in doubt.

Patricia (voice-over of Graham sitting in the Chamber again.): Just play the game, plumber boy.

Patricia: But on the fourth rule change, Graham got some good word.

(Cut to McMonigal on the Royal Assembly Floor)

McMonigal: I think this Amendment to the Standing Orders makes sense and we should move quickly to adopt it.

Patricia: And Graham is the Master of his domain. Over to you, Jack.

Kone: It was a simple voter registration bill, but it became much more. Graham introduced the bill and then Prosecutor General Michael Fors took to the floor to say this:

(Cut to Fors)

Fors: In my opinion the text "unless incarcerated" in point 1. of this bill is in conflict with Article 13 of the People's Constitution. The Constitution states that the people has an "inalienable right" to elect their representatives, it also states that universal suffrage is "guaranteed". My opinion is that the constitution does not allow exclusion of any group of people from voting.

Kone (voice-over): With authority.

Kone: Graham believed he was in error.

(Cut to Graham speaking on the floor)

Graham: While the US constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, felons are not allowed to carry or own weapons in most cases. When incarcerated, a convicted criminal loses most of his Civil Rights, and that's the case with common law. I would ask whether the Honorable Prosecutor General would consider this such an exception.

Kone (voice-over): He's in denial!

Kone: Graham then changed the bill, and proposed a Constitutional Amendment allowing courts to revoke voting rights as punishment for a crime, mainly to stop people convicted of treason from voting. People’s Representative Steve Foong said law revoked citizenship in cases of treason, so Graham appealed to Fors.

(Cut to Fors Speaking on the Floor)

Fors: If the Assembly feels that there should be some way of suspending the citizenship of convicts, then that should, in my opinion, be included in the constitution.

Kone (voice-over): Boo-yah!

Kone: Fors then went on to say he thought the best way was to write a Constitutional Amendment allowing suspension of citizenship instead of Graham, amendment which allows suspension of voting rights. Graham came back that they needed to do something.

“I would ask if any member of the Assembly has a better proposal that they offer it as an Amendment in the form of substitute by this Monday evening. If that is not enough time and any Gentleman believes more time is required, I'll be more than happy to join them in voting to defer the legislation for an additional week to allow the drafting of substitute.

”If this is not workable, and there's not a substantive actual alternative that can be presented, then I would urge the Assembly to move expeditiously to protect Morovia's future.”

Kone (voice-over): Straight buttah!

Kone: Still the Amendment faces an uncertain future. Graham faces tough opposition on this one, politics fans, meanwhile things weren’t looking so good for his Voter Registration, act because Rob McMonigal had a problem.

(Cut to McMonigal)

McMonigal: “I respectfully fail to see the need for this legislation. There is no harm in sending all citizens, past and present, a ballot, and this list merely creates extra work on the Minister of Home Affairs, whose valuable time can be better spent.”

Kone (voice-over): Got more flavor than Kool-Aid and cocoa.

Graham told him why and McMonigal appealed to the all-knowing Minister of Home Affairs.

(Cut to Graham)

Graham: “I would move unanimous consent to do so and if there's no objection within 24 hours, the Assembly would be able to entertain the Minister's opinion. “

Kone (voice-over): Tryin’ to be a playa but Michael Fors

(Cut to Fors)

Fors: I would like to point out for the Hon. Gentleman Article 33 of the constitution:

(Flash across the Screen)
Article 33 - Ministerial Presence

The Peoples Representative and other Members of the Cabinet may, at any time, appear in the Assembly for the purpose of speaking on bills, regardless of whether they are members of the Assembly or not. They must appear when their presence is required in order to give answers or explanations.

I think that members of the Cabinet may appear at any time in this House. The text at any time is pretty strong. I interpret this article to say that CM:s may appear in the Assembly at any time they coose, and must if so requested by a member of the Assembly.

Kone (voice-over): But Fors was being a playa’ hata’.

Kone: So the one, the only Bill Bekkenhuis spoke as to how easy it would be to administer the elections this way:

(Cut to Bekkenhuis)

Bekkenhuis: If the question is, "would HM Minister of Home Affairs find keeping separate track of registered voters and of the citizenry as a whole?", I would say that there should be no big problem so long as the mechanism for registration was simple enough.

Basically, all one would do is have to take a) those who voted in the last election, b) those who registered to vote and add both lists together, then subtract any citizen who has lost his or her right to vote - if that is the direction the legislation proceeds.

(Cut to Graham)

Graham: The Speaker on behalf of the Assembly, thanks the Honorable Minister for his time.

Kone (voice): I am King of the legislative realm, order a feast in my honor with all the finest meats and cheeses.

Kone: This appears headed to passage as well.

Patricia: Also, quickly heading to passage is the Suspension of Parole Board Act, the only snag was when Graham included a provision suspending the Electoral Commission which was already suspended. Apparently he wanted to double duple suspend it.

Kone: Okay, now it’s time for our “Did You Know?” Did you know Adam Graham weighs more than Newt Gingrich?

Patricia: How do you know that?

Kone: I got sources.

Patricia: Oh, okay. Hope, we don’t get fired for revealing some weighty issues around her. I’m Danielle Patrica for Jack Kone, join us next time when we’ll recap all of the exciting legislative action on Legicenter.